Frequently Asked Questions

Parents, find everything you need to know about The Online Music Lessons Company and our lessons here.

To apply for lessons, go to the Apply for lessons page. From there you will be guided through our online application form.

After you apply for lessons, the region coordinator for your school will contact you, usually by email. If there are places available on the timetable, you will be offered a lesson time that you can take up immediately. If there are not currently any spaces available, we will notify you that you are on a waiting list and as soon as a place becomes available we will let you know.

At this time, we are only offering private video lessons.

To check our latest pricing, head to our Apply for lessons page. From there you will be able to see which instruments are available, timing of lessons and up to date lesson prices.

Lessons can happen at almost any time of the day that suits both you and your teacher. All our teachers set their availability to take students with us. When you apply for lessons, if you have a specific request for a day or time, please just note it on the application. We will do our best to accomodate everyone's requests. If we don't have exactly what you've asked for, we'll let you know what we do have or you can go on a waiting list for that perfect time.

All video lessons run for 30 minutes.

We teach a number of instruments at The Online Music Lessons Company. These include guitar, piano, drums, singing, violin, clarinet and bass guitar. To see the list of instruments available right now, head to our Apply for lessons page.

Our lessons are built around the belief that students learn best when they are engaged in what they are learning. Our teachers work to tailor every lesson to students interests and tastes. While we may be working on current songs however, we are also subtly teaching the underlying theory and techniques that support them. In this way, we are able to engage students fully while still providing a solid musical foundation to build upon.

All The Online Music Lessons Company teachers are qualified and certified in our curriculum. They also carry all working with children checks and any other locally required background/police checks.

Where students do not wish to continue with lessons, they are free to stop at any time. We only ask for two week’s notice as it may effect other student’s lessons if the timetable needs to be adjusted. If students decide they would like to try a different instrument, we are more than happy to find a place for them.

Lessons are paid fortnightly by direct debit. The main advantage of our direct debit system is that families no longer need to pay for an entire term of music lessons at the beginning of every term.

We do ask for payment details when you sign up, however, you are not billed until your place on the timetable has been confirmed. You will be emailed a confirmation and a payment schedule that will outline all the payments for the coming term. Should your child wish to stop lessons, we can cancel the payments any time, we simply ask for two weeks notice.

We can not offer guaranteed lesson times but we will always do our best to make sure the lesson times are as convenient as possible. Pop a note in your application of your preferred time and we will do everything we can to make that happen.

Yes. Given we are doing online music lessons, if you don't have an instrument at home it is going to be a very one sided lesson.

The Online Music Lessons Company has partnered with Rent Instruments Australia to bring all our students rental instruments at affordable prices. For more information on the program head to our rent instruments page.

By Friday of each week we have our timetable for the following week confirmed. This allows our teachers some certainty around their own schedules. If you know in advance that you will be away for a lesson, we ask that you notify us by 12pm of Friday the week before. This gives us time to rearrange the teacher's timetable and potentially notify any other students effected. We also understand that unplanned illnesses happen with children. If your child is unwell on the day of their lesson and you can notify us before 9am, we will do our best to organise a catch up or credit for the lesson, although it may depend on the day's schedule whether this is possible.

Where a lesson time doesn’t suit, notify us immediately and we will do our best to find an alternative for you. Where we are unable to find any times that are suitable, we can place you on a waiting list and notify you when something suitable becomes available.

Where children what to change instruments, we are more than happy to accommodate. We usually recommend changing instruments at the end of a term to allow the current lessons to be properly wrapped up, however, where children wish to change immediately and there are places available on the timetable, we can make the swap allowing for our usual policy regarding changes to lesson times.

This is a much more involved question to answer than we are able to in this space. However as a very general rule, we recommend students learn the instrument that they have expressed the most natural interest in. There is a school of thought that piano is the best foundation instrument and while there is certainly some merit to this argument, there are plenty of successful guitarists who have never learnt piano. Forcing a child to learn an instrument they have no interest in, is the quickest way to destroy any potential love of music they might have otherwise enjoyed.

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