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The Online Music Lessons Company run high quality instrumental music programs through online video.

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When do lessons happen?

Book lessons at a time that suits you

We currently have teachers available during business hours and for some lessons in the evenings. If you have a specific preference for day or time, please just make a note in your application and we'll do our best to accomodate.

Lessons run for 30 minutes and usually would happen at the same time each week. If there is any reason we can't deliver your regular lesson we'll offer another time, a catchup lesson or a credit or refund. If you can't make your regular time, we ask for 24 hours notice.

What equipment do I need at home?

Online Access
Video ready device and an instrument

We are planning on running our lessons via online video. Currently Zoom looks like it's going to be the easiest option for everyone. You will need an internet connection and a connected device with a camera such as an iPad or laptop. You will also need to have your own instrument at home.

Lessons will run in a similar format to a face to face lesson where the teacher will demonstrate a song or concept while the student listens. The teacher will then listen while the student plays and provide critique. We will be sharing digital documents with lesson notes and links to other resources that the student can use between live lessons.

Who are the teachers?

Our Staff

Our teachers are the same teachers who work with us at Junior Rockers. Because we normally go in to schools to run our lessons, all our teachers have government issued Working With Children Checks. We continue to work with all our teachers to support them fully in their development as educators. We run regular training seminars and other professional development opportunities.

Currently we don't have the facility for students to select a teacher but we're working on it! If you are an existing Junior Rockers student, please just make a note of your current teacher in your application and we will pair you up with them.

How do I pay for my lessons?

Direct Debit Payment Option

Lessons are paid by fortnightly in advance by direct debit. When you sign up, we ask for payment details for your account. You won't be charged anything until you have a confirmed lesson time that you have approved. We usually plan new students to start from the following week so it gives everyone time to prepare.

Innovative, Original Curriculum

Our Curriculum
Fun, engaging, seriously good foundation

At Junior Rockers and now The Online Music Lessons Company, we’ve dedicated years to the development of our curriculum. We teach contemporary pieces in a fun and engaging way while at the same time teaching students the fundamental building blocks of all music.

The curriculum covers music theory and technical skills as well as performance pieces. Our teachers work with each student individually to ensure they are learning material that is appropriate for their ability as well as meeting their individual tastes and interests.

More Information

Where to find more information

For lots more detailed information on our instrumental lessons, please check out our FAQs page.

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